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2022-06-25 14:18:04 By : Ms. joy zhang

Tell us about Ava’s Pet Palace. How did the company get started? What inspired its creation?  I had the idea for Ava’s Pet Palace when I was just six years old. I actually drew a palace for pets! When I was eight, after constantly asking my parents, we finally started Ava’s Pet Palace. When I was a little girl, my mom made sure I was eating organic, natural foods. One day I asked: what about Rock (our dog at the time), doesn’t he get organic, natural foods, too? And from that moment, I started dreaming of a better world for pets, where all pets are royalty. My purpose is to make the world better for pets, people and our planet. My start is to make sure all pets and pet parents have access to healthy organic, natural pet treats.

Ava’s is generating a lot of buzz in the pet industry with its USDA-certified organic pet treats. Why is it important to the company that all its treats use organic ingredients?  For me, healthy food has always been about organic and natural ingredients. I’ve been purposeful about this from the beginning. When I was baking treats in my kitchen, we only bought and used organic ingredients. Now that my business has grown, we work with bigger kitchens, and they use only the best, high-quality ingredients. And we’ve worked super hard to finally become USDA Certified Organic!

Does the company offer products beyond treats? If so, what is your approach to expanding outside the treat category?  My dream is for Ava’s Pet Palace to be a worldwide leader and innovator in the pet industry. Right now, my focus is on treats and some pet accessories like leashes and collars, treat pouches and tennis balls for dogs. I love merch, so I have some pretty cool items on my site for humans too!

Ava’s Pet Palace is still a relatively young company, but how has it evolved since its inception?  Yes, Ava’s Pet Palace is very young, and so am I! I started my business in 2016 in our home. At the time, the only thing I knew is that I wanted to do something with animals. I started paying closer attention to the labels on dog food and treats and saw that there were so many ingredients and not good ingredients—most I couldn’t even read. So, I wanted to create a treat for dogs and cats that was full of good ingredients that were organic. As I taste-tested around my neighborhood, I learned that some dogs had allergies to wheat, corn and soy, so I decided that my treats wouldn’t have those ingredients either. We tried recipe after recipe before finding the ones that we loved. It was very important for me, even at the beginning of my business to 1) do something where I could spend a lot of time around animals, and 2) give our pets something that was actually good for them to eat.

What is Ava’s Pet Palace’s channel strategy? What types of retailers does the company partner with? Currently, our strategy is to focus on pet specialty retailers and retailers who have a focus on diverse suppliers. It’s important to be in the spaces where my products will be most appreciated and enjoyed.  PetPeople was the first chain to carry my treats in all of their stores in late 2021. Pet Food Express is the second retail chain to have Ava’s Pet Palace in all of their stores, and there are a number of other independent retailers that carry my treats, including some Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming locations.

What does the future hold for Ava’s Pet Palace? Do you have any new products in the pipeline?    The future is bright for Ava’s Pet Palace! I do have some new treats in the pipeline that I am super excited about! I’m most looking forward to continuing to grow my giving and to being an inspiration to younger people who also have a passion and drive to change the world!  PB

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